Pool Coping


About Pool Coping

Pool coping is defined as the edging that is placed around the top edge of the swimming pool.  It serves the dual purpose of protecting the pool structure from the and also protecting the outside parts of the pool from water damage. 

However, while it is practical, it is still incredibly attractive and it is an essential part of the aesthetics of the pool.  The pool coping can be a standalone feature, much like garden edging, or it can be the part of the pool that ties the pool into the paved area. Regardless the material that use for this purpose all need some sort of modification on the edge which is facing to the pool. It is commonly called profile.

At Customed Tiles we do manufacture more than 42 different profiles in four price range suit to all budget or technical specification.

For domestic pools our budget range single thickness profiles and the so called laminated double thickness profiles are the most popular.
We also have extremely safe coping solution for commercial or resort pools.

Contact us and we are more than happy to give you professional advice and alternative solutions to meet your needs.


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